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Rocket Rescue

Rescue as many stranded survivors as you can and bring them back to alpha base before you run out of fuel and rocket ships.

Your ship can only hold so many, so you may have to make multiple trips to each space port. If you get too aggressive and land too fast you will crash and kill everyone on board.

Heart Match

A fun matching game using candy hearts. Catchy tune and sound effects. Score is based on how fast you finish matching - compete against your friends to see who is faster!

Rocket Sim

This app simulates model rocket flights and estimates your expected altitude and ejection delay.

You can fly Madcow Rocketry rockets or enter your own custom rocket. Simulate the flight with all the popular low, mid, and high power motors from the comfort of your easy chair.

Train Switch

Train Yard Switching Puzzle Game.

Deliver your freight to the right place with the least number of moves. It's not as easy as it looks, the freight cars have to be shuffled around to get them to the right place.

Real Locomotive and train sounds make the game more fun. Multiple levels that need to be complete before the next level get's unlocked.

In Mabel Goes To The Moon, Mabel the cow has been dreaming about going to the moon. Follow Mabel as she and her friend, Curly, figure out a way to get there. Exciting interactive animations and sounds makes the book fun to read over and over again. The Read to Me feature reads you the page when you click on the story text.